Party Time at ~AMU~

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

You are invited to a night of shopping and drunken madness, otherwise known as the ~AMU~ launch party!

You’ll find the new store here: AMU at Clay.

Here’s the plan for the evening:

At 1pm (SL time) Ailsa will kick off proceedings with an evocative speech and ceremony.  Or she’ll throw a bottle of rum at the wall and curse a bit.  There will then be a party, with Ailsa DJing her way through some awesome tunes while you shop.  Take your time, the in store revelry will continue till 2:30pm.

At 2:30pm SL time, the party moves to the Blue Moon Jazz & Blues Bar.  Where you can get drunk, meet even more crazy people and shake some booty on the dance floor.  Ailsa will be DJing till 3:30pm, or whenever she falls over drunk.

I’d appreciate it if you could leave your uber prim scripted gear at home, so the sims we’re on dun fall over dead and mince us all.

As further temptation, ~AMU~ has a special sale all weekend, from Friday to Monday:

~AMU~ Clothing Sale
The crimson Summer Nights outfit will be sold for a bargain L$10 this weekend only.
Customers joining the ~AMU~ update group can also enjoy 50% discount on all clothing over the weekend.  After Monday this discount falls to 10% as a reward for your group slot love 😛

~AMU~ Photography “Birds” Exhibition and Sale
For the next week I’ll be showcasing my favourite bird photographs, and they’re on sale at just L$75 which is half their usual price.  Photos are sold ready to hang as 1 prim, and they’re mod/copy so you can pop a frame around them too.

~AMU~ Artwork Sale
All my animal portraits will be reduced to just L$300 for the weekend.  After Monday these will be back to L$500.  My paintings are modify/transfer so you can tuck them under the Christmas tree or use the gift purchase option and save wrapping paper 😉  My paintings are sold ready to hang as a 1 prim picture.


Nine to Five – new outfit now available

August 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve released a new two piece outfit at my new shop – the Nine to Five.  Comprising a shirt and system skirt, this outfit is great for working at the office or going out for a few drinks in the evening.

More colours will be available, but here are the first two shades….

~AMU~ Nine to Five outfit (plaid)

~AMU~ Nine to Five outfit (plaid)

~AMU~ Nine to Five outfit (blue)

~AMU~ Nine to Five outfit (blue)

~AMU~ Mainstore open at Amatsu Shima

August 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m delighted to announce that ~AMU~ has an in world shop again, on the beautiful Amatsu Shima.

You can visit the store by clicking here.

A few quick photos…

Coastline view of the AMU mainstore and Amatsu Shima

View over Amatsu Shima

~AMU~ Shop detail

Inside the ~AMU~ store

~AMU~ is back in business!

August 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Never ever commit to opening your shop by a certain time. It guarantees that all manner of things will conspire to prevent said opening.  Forget about that May thing mkay?  I’m not sure but I think someone kidnapped my summer – whew 2010 is going fast!

I’m setting up online shops with my artwork, photography and clothing lines.  I want to sell my products on a range of sites so my customers have a choice and also so I get the extra visibility.  First up is the ~AMU~ shop on  You can make purchases through the Meta-Life HUD, or through the website so it’s a convenient site to use.

I haven’t added everything to it yet, but next to open is the ~AMU~ shop on MetaVerse Exchange (MVX).  I’m loving this site so far, because I just need 1 listing for each outfit instead of per colour of everything.  Such a timesaver!  Also, when you’re browsing my MVX shop, selecting one of the categories down the left-hand-side will show my items in that category, so you can choose clothes or art rather than looking through them all at once.

Anywho, I’m off back to my listings and looking forward I’ll be sending out a group gift soon, so joining up now is a good idea!  ~AMU~ group.

Just teasin’

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I was gonna post up pictures of my office girl outfit and the sexy diamond themed dress I’m working on.  Then I decided that I want to keep a few surprises for my shop launch.  It wouldn’t be any fun if you knew EVERYTHING I had in there before it opened, right? I’m cruel, I know!

Ok, please stop throwing the fruit, OW!

So much to do though – eep…  Not only the dresses, but I want to do really eye-popping photos of them all, then once I find the location I want, make up new vendor panels and furnishings.  And advertise, and list on umpteen websites I want to sell through… *hides under the table and meows anxiously*  It’ll all be ok though. Especially when I get drunk in RL at the opening party.

But actually the worst bit is I really can’t wait!  I’ve talked about my dresses, the plans for the shop and that for so long, to finally open it will be fantastic.

I hope to be open by the beginning of May at the latest, with the new outfits and also some more photography.  Paws crossed!

Finally…a new dress!

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s been ages since my last design release, but I hope this is worth the wait.  A cute striped retro skirt with a halter neck top.  Both parts can be tinted different colours too, and the top and panties make a really cute swimsuit 🙂 There are a couple of tiny texture tweaks I need to make before the dress is boxed and ready, but this is what I have so far –

~AMU~ Dancing skirt preview

~AMU~ Dancing skirt preview

This outfit will be launched for sale when my new mainstore opens – watch this space!

Launching my first dresses: Starlight and Bliss :)

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Second Life now has a new dress designer – yes, I’ve just completed my second dress so I thought a mini lanch was called for!

The Starlight is a sexy short dress with beaded detailing on the bodice.  I’ve made it in eight rich colours and it’s selling nicely already, so I must have done something right.

~ AMU ~ Starlight dress in crimson (click me to see the other colours in this design)

~ AMU ~ Starlight dress in crimson (click me to see the other colours in this design)

The Bliss gown comes in the same range of colours as the Starlight so the tops are interchangeable.  It’s my first gown and after much fiddling, dance testing and a little swearing I’m happy with the result.  It has hip attachments to make it move nicely, which also make it look pretty good when you sit.  Here it is in emerald green:

~ AMU ~ Bliss gown in emerald (click here to see more colours in this design)

~ AMU ~ Bliss gown in emerald (click here to see more colours in this design)

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